Enquiries to Make Before Hiring a Mobile Mechanic

Handing over your car to the mechanic is not an easy decision but you can’t even ignore the problems with your car. We understand how dearly you need your car and how without it, you will feel a little less of yourself. So, when you are trusting a mechanic with your most prized possession, you must be confident about it. 

Here are a few important questions to ask before you handover your car. 

What are my repair options and can you explain them?

Usually, most car issues have more than one solution. Some mechanics, however, will try to route you into the expensive ones without explaining you about the other choices. You should ask about all the potential solutions and make sure that your mobile mechanic is explaining each one of them thoroughly. It is the mechanic’s job to make you understand the ins-and-outs of the problem and how to reach the best solution.

What certifications do you have?

Reputable technicians and trusted mobile mechanics have the certification from the National Institute for Automobile Service Excellence (ASE). These technicians have already shown their expertise and experience in their respective field and are constantly re-tested to ensure that they are on the top of this dynamic industry. If the mobile mechanic you are hiring has this certification, you can be rest assured about your choice.

Can you provide a maintenance plan?

Good mechanics will always give your car back in pristine condition. They will also want you to keep your car in an excellent condition. So, you can always ask your mechanic about the maintenance plan and compare it to what your manufacturer has suggested in the owner’s manual. You can go by their recommendation and avoid the mechanic who is trying to sell you unnecessary services.

Can I see my old parts?

If the mechanic is replacing your car’s old parts, ask them to return the same in the empty boxes of your new parts. Having the old parts back will ensure that there was a genuine problem with them and the mechanic is not just making money. Also, you will be able to see the before and after condition plus you will be ensured that the parts were actually replaced. However, if your mechanic refuses to show it, think twice before hiring them.

For all your motor issues, you can now call the experienced team of Toronto Mobile Mechanic that are known for their high-quality services.